Eyebrow Feathering

Firstly, Eyebrow feathering has a variety of names such as, microblading, micro-pigmentation, eyebrow embroidery, feather touch eyebrows, hairstroke eyebrows, micro strokes - they all mean the same thing. Cosmetic Tattooing dates back to thousands of years. From ancient Egypt, the art travelled to other parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and Polynesia. There is evidence of ancient Egyptians removing the hairs of their eyebrows and then drawing on aesthetically pleasing eyebrows with makeup or tattooing the desired shape in. However, the recent trend in natural hair stroke microblading eyebrows has emerged in Asia in recent years. South Korea being a strong pioneer in establishing modern technology in the technique and products used for this artform.

Eyebrow feathering is performed by putting in small incisions into the upper layers on the dermis using a hand tool that holds a blade. The blade is made up of about 7 to 18 small needles that are fixed together in a linear grouping. The technique involves carving in fine crisp hair strokes into the superficial layers of the dermis with the microblade which has been dipped into cosmetic tattoo pigments that has been matched to the client's skin and hair colour. A numbing agent can be used to minimise discomfort.

Cosmetic Tattooing is considered semi-permanent, but many believe that it is permanent. However, the pigment fades in the skin and a re-touch needs to be performed approximately 12 to 24 months later (depending on the person's skin type and lifestyle habits) to keep the shape and colour crisp and fresh. When the colour has faded quite significantly, the client will need to use eyebrow makeup to maintain the deep colour and shape desired, however applying makeup will take much less time as the shape of the eyebrow will already be there from the tattoo pigment.

The appointment will begin with discussing any allergies, complications from previous cosmetic tattoo procedures or body tattoos, and disorders the client has that may affect the outcome of the treatment. Once everything has been discussed, the pigment will be chosen based on hair colour, skin tone and characteristics, eyebrow shape will be measured and drawn in and once approved the microblading process will begin. The appointment will take approximately 2 hours.

Immediately post procedure the colour may appear a lot darker than expected or desired, but the colour will fade by approximately 50% during the healing process which will take about 2 weeks. The size will also appear bigger than desired straight after procedure, but the size will decrease during the healing process. The reason why the size appears bigger is due to the swelling of the skin that has occurred due to the trauma from the incisions of the skin. Once this heals, the size will go back to normal. 

A follow up appointment is required about 6 weeks after the initial appointment. This appointment is included in the cost of the treatment and will take much less time. During this appointment any gaps will be filled, colour corrected or shape re-defined. It is also important to make sure that the micropigments are healing properly and to ensure no complications have occurred from the initial procedure.

Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyeliner tattooing is becoming a popular trend for the time poor professional woman who has no time to fluff around in the mornings putting on makeup. Eyeliner being one of the most time consuming tasks, in my opinion, when it comes to putting on makeup. Getting the line just right gets very frustrating, even professional makeup artists find it challenging to get it just right. Also there is a lot of chemicals in eyeliner make up, and it can become irritating to the eyes when worn everyday. Some women are allergic to these chemicals so they don't enhance their eyes with makeup. Women who wear contact lenses also find it irritating to put on eyeliner, and women with poor eyesight find it difficult to put on eyeliner makeup as it is so intricate.

That's why Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattooing or Lash Enhancement Cosmetic Tattooing is becoming so popular these days. At Eyelushes & Brows, I offer Lash Line tattooing using a manual hand tool (the same as the one I use for Eyebrow Feathering), and pigment is inserted into the upper dermis of the skin. I can make the eyeliner to suit the clients needs and desires. A numbing agent is used so there is little discomfort. The manual hand tool doesn't cause as much pain as the Cosmetic Tattoo machine, and there is no noise so the client will feel more at ease during the procedure.

As with all other Cosmetic Tattooing procedures, the pigment will fade over time. The client will need to go through the process again after approximately 24 months if they want to maintain the look from the initial treatment. I include a re-touch procedure in the cost of the service which needs to be taken between 6 to 10 weeks of the initial treatment.

Cosmetic Tattooing for the lips

So what is Lip tattooing? Cosmetic Tattooing for the lips is a growing trend that many women are going to instead of lip injections. Getting a lip tattoo can make an imbalanced lip line look more symmetrical, it can make the lips appear fuller, and the lip tattooing promotes collagen growth in the lips for a few months so during that time the lips will appear more youthful and fuller. It is also suited for women who have a strong "blue undertone" in their lips. What this means is that without lipstick or lipgloss, their lips have a bluish/purplish tinge coming up from under the skin of their lips which can make them look sick and the lips unattractive. The permanent colour that is implanted into the lips will hide the bluish tone of their lips and make a person look more happy and youthful.

Is it painful? Yes you will feel discomfort. Lips are very sensitive as there are many nerve endings in the lip area. A numbing agent is applied to the lip area, so discomfort is reduced, but clients still feel a bit of discomfort. The healing process will take approximately 2 weeks, and during this time the lips will feel very dry and the skin may peel which can bring discomfort for the client. In the first few days, it is advisable to not each spicy foods and foods that require you to open your mouth quite wide, and eat more foods like soup and drink a lot of liquids. During the healing process the colour will become lighter, but after about 2 weeks you will see the fullest most true colour once the exfoliation/healing process is complete.

At Eyelushes & Brows I only do Lip Blend Cosmetic Tattooing. I find that this is the most natural method and the client will be more satisfied with the results. This involves tattooing the border of the lips in a colour the client would like and will also suit the client, and then shading the colour down into the middle section of the lips in a circular motion which gives it a blended look. 

As with other Cosmetic Tattooing procedures, the colour will continue to fade over the years and a re-touch will need to take place approximately 2 or 3 years later if the client wants to maintain the look. As part of the cost of the treatment, I include 1 re-touch after the initial procedure that needs to be taken between 6 to 10 weeks post treatment. 


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