Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Cosmetic Tattooing last?
This is a hard question to answer, as it depends on the person. Usually around 2 years, and some people even consider it permanent as they believe there will always be pigment that lasts in the skin. Personally, I would say on average, 2 years. This depends on the person's lifestyle, their skin condition (eg: if the client has oily skin, it won't last as long), how much they go in the sun as UV light fades the pigment faster, etc, etc. Darker eyebrows will last longer than lighter colours.

Does it hurt?
A numbing cream can be used and this will minimise the discomfort. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being least painful, and 10 being very painful), I would say the pain level is about a 3. This depends on the person as well and how well they can deal with discomfort/pain. A numbing agent can be used during the process so that your skin is always at the numbed state. Once the numbing agent wears off, the treated area will feel sensitive and like it would if you have fallen over and you have grazed your leg. The skin can be soothed with Bepanthen or a cold ice pack for the discomfort when the numbing cream has worn off. The pain will disappear after approximately 24 hours.

Who benefits from Cosmetic Tattoo?
People who don't have time to apply makeup every morning, busy people, people who always need to look groomed and put together for work, people who love to swim and be in the outdoors in hot conditions so they don't wear a lot of makeup or any at all, people who workout and go to the gym a lot, people who have bad eyesight and cannot apply makeup well, people who don't know how to apply makeup but want to look good everyday, people who don't have a lot of time, etc. So basically anyone can benefit from Cosmetic Tattooing. Personally, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me!

What is microblading/feathering/hair-stroke and shaded/powder filled eyebrow tattoo?
Microblading/feathering/hair-stroke eyebrow tattoo, is tattooing strokes that mimic real hairs into the eyebrow area. This method you will find will become very light and quickly and you will need to put on makeup over the top if you want a more defined or darker look. However, putting on makeup will be so quick and easy as the shape is already there from the tattoo. You will also need to re-touch micro-bladed eyebrows more often. 
Shaded/Powder filled eyebrow tattoo give a more solid appearance and is usually a longer lasting option. The eyebrows are shaded with a micro blade to create a sort of background appearance for your eyebrow shape. I think the combination method of shading and microblading/feathering creates a really natural look and lasts a lot longer. 
Whatever your needs are we will discuss it during your consultation and the best method will depend on the person and what their natural eyebrows look like. 

How long will it take?
Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. The appointment will begin with reading and signing of consent forms, discussing your expectations of your eyebrow tattoo, discussing allergies and outcomes of previous cosmetic tattoo or body tattoo treatments, etc. A numbing cream is then applied to the eyebrow area which takes approximately 20 minutes to activate. Then we will begin drawing in the desired shape of the eyebrows by measuring it to other points of your face and making it as symmetrical as possible. We will not proceed until you approve the final design. We will also discuss pigment colour and mix the pigment that is matched to your skin and hair colour. We will then start tattooing. The actual tattooing will take approximately 45 mins, and I will show you every step of the way in a hand held mirror so you are not nervous with the outcome.

What happens if I want it to be removed?
Cosmetic Tattoos can be removed with laser tattoo removal, but this can be costly and may take a few sessions for the tattoo to be completely removed. Therefore, I would think very seriously about it if you know you wouldn't want the cosmetic tattoo in 2 years time. You have to keep in mind, cosmetic tattoo pigments are not like body tattoo inks, and the tattoo is also just inserted into the top most layers of your dermis. Therefore, it will fade quickly and it is not permanent like a body tattoo as they are inserted deeper into the dermis. 
It would be recommended to go conservatively in your first initial appointment (lighter pigment to be chosen, not as thick as you want it to be, maybe stick with more micro-strokes and less shading, etc), and then in the follow up treatment you can always go darker, bigger and bolder if you wish. Always remember, you can add, but you can't subtract easily. Also with cosmetic tattooing, it's a process that gets perfected in 2 or 3 sessions. You cannot have it perfect from the first initial appointment. 

Is it safe and hygienic?
Yes. I use new cosmetic tattoo blades for each client that have been individually wrapped and sealed from the manufacturer. Anything disposable is disposed of and not re-used. I use sterilised wraps to cover the tattoo machine, blade pen, and anything else that will come close to a person's skin. Our salon is clean, hygienic and compliant with all Department of Health regulations. 
The pigments I use are long established USA made brands that are trusted and have been on the market for 20 years. No allergic reaction has been reported and it is highly unlikely that they will cause any negative reactions. 

When should I do my follow-up treatment?
The follow up treatment is included in the cost of the procedure, and should be taken between 4 to 10 weeks after your initial treatment. Some people don't think that doing the follow up treatment is necessary and will not book it in, however I would recommend that it is taken as it necessary to create perfect, long lasting eyebrows. It would be most beneficial for the hair stroke/feathering method, as this seems to fade quicker and also during the healing process some gaps are created when the pigment has scabbed/flaked off the skin. It is also a good time to see if there was any adverse reactions to the skin, if the pigment colour changed and needs to be readjusted, talk about any adverse reactions that happened to the surrounding skin, etc, etc. 

Do you do eyeliner cosmetic tattoo with the tattoo machine?
Yes, I can do the eyeliner cosmetic tattoo with a digital tattoo machine and also the manual hand tool. Most people prefer the hand tool as it doesn't make any noise, but either method is good for the treatment and I can do it either way. Which method lasts longer? Both will last about the same, but if I had to choose one method, probably the digital tattoo machine.

Does the eyeliner tattoo hurt
There is discomfort and yes, I suppose pain also. It hurts more than getting your eyebrows tattooed, but it doesn't take as long to do. Therefore, you will only be in discomfort for minimal amount of time. The numbing cream process may also give you discomfort, as the numbing agent may go into your eyes which will cause you to cry and tear up. I will wash it out with a saline solution, but your eyes may become red and a little sore after the treatment is over. This will go away very soon and you will have perfectly drawn in eyeliner that will last 2 years or more. Well worth the discomfort if you ask me.

Does lip blend tattoo hurt?
Basically yes, but the discomfort and pain in minimised with numbing cream. The healing process will also be uncomfortable as you will be exfoliating and your lips will be very dry. During the healing process it would be advisable to stay away from spicy foods and foods where you have to open your mouth wide. You will also need to apply natural lip balm to moisten the lips and keep them from hurting too much. Once the healing process is complete, approximately 2 weeks (depends on each person), you will have the most beautiful full and smooth lips with a gorgeous colour to them. The blueish/purple undertone would be gone, and it will look so natural and a gorgeous pink. 

How long do eyelash extensions last?
Eyelash extensions last as long as the natural lash lasts. When the eyelash sheds, your extension will also come off with it. The lash cycle is approximately 30 to 45 days. Therefore, a full set of eyelashes should look good for approximately 3 weeks, and then start to look "gappy" as the natural lashes start to fall out naturally.
However, there are other factors that cause your eyelash extensions to not last as long. Going to saunas, going swimming, doing hot yoga, going to the beach, having steaming hot showers and rubbing your eyelashes under the hot steamy water, wearing mascara and heavy makeup, using makeup remover that contains oil, etc. This will cause the adhesive to weaken and the eyelash extensions to fall off. How long the eyelash extensions lasts depends on the person, their lifestyle, and their adherence to aftercare. My advice would be to keep your eyelash extensions away from hot/steamy water and wash them separately in cold/lukewarm water, do not let oily products near your eyelashes (eg: lotion, cleanser, eye makeup remover, sun tan oil, sun screen, oily eye creams, etc), and don't wear heavy eye makeup. You wouldn't need to wear mascara anyway as your eyelash extensions will be awesome enough!

How are eyelash extensions applied and how long does it take?
I apply eyelash extensions to each natural lash. This process is intricate and takes approximately 1.5 hours for classic eyelash extensions, and approximately 2 hours for volume eyelashes. Please make sure you put aside this time for the appointment. I don't rush the process and I make sure that the outcome is beautiful for the client and they are satisfied and happy with the results. Most people sleep during the treatment and gives them time to wind down, which most people don't have time to do during their busy week.

What products do you use to eyelash extensions?
I use products made in Korea and USA. Korea and the USA are one of the most advanced countries in the manufacturing of eyelash extension products. The eyelash extension process was created in South Korea, and then it went to Vietnam and then to the rest of the world. I use the most effective eyelash extension adhesives from Korea as well. The products are high quality and my clients have never complained about the products and I love how long they last and how they feel.


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