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At Eyelushes & Brows we offer a number of nail services that will suit almost every client. My passion is beautiful and unique nails, and my obsession at the moment is Korean/Japanese style nail art. We use the Kiara Sky, Gellyfit and MissU nails range which is so popular on Instagram right now. Happiness is freshly painted nails, and I deliver a good service which is much different from the typical factory style nail salons you find in the shopping centres. 

At Eyelushes & Brows we only provide Kiara Sky (acrylic nail dipping system, similar to SNS) and Gel Nails.

Gel Nail Polish Manicures can last up to approx 5 weeks if taken care of carefully. 

Acrylic Nail Dipping system is a revolutionary nail system, which combines gel and acrylic powder and there is no need to cure under a LED lamp. An extension can be used to make the nails longer, and then we dip the nails in powder to add to the thickness of the nails. Once the desired thickness and shape is achieved we buff the nails to smooth it out. We can then put on nail polish and any nail art as desired. I use the Kiara Sky dipping system and I find that it is lightweight and natural and doesn't damage the nail bed. It is formulated without harsh chemicals and it has added vitamins and calcium to strengthen the nails.

Hard Gel Nail Extensions are strong enough to be made into a nail extension. The sticky substance is contained in a small tub and it is applied with a brush to the nail that has an extension tip glued onto it to make the length of the nails longer. The gel is then cured under a LED lamp and will completely dry within a minute. Once the desired look, shape and thickness is achieved, the nails are filed with a nail file or electric drill and then painted in a colour of the clients choice. In my opinion, hard Gel nails are miles better than acrylic nails as the shape of the nail is more slender and natural looking, and they aren't as damaging as acrylic nails.

Korean and Japanse Nail Art is a growing trend in the west, and many women are making their nails unique with the use of nail glitters, gems, 3D charms, tape, and all sorts of other shiny beauties to make their nails stand out and make a statement. I can do this for all 10 nails, or just a couple on each hand. The gems are secured with a hard gel and cured under a LED lamp so they will not fall off. 

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