Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

Feathering/micro-strokes only - $300
Current promotion - $250

Feathering with shading (combo method) - $350
Current promotion $300

Feathering with/without shading with digital machine - $400

Feathering to fill a gap - starting from $150

All Eyebrow Tattoo services include 1 follow up session (must be taken within 6-8 weeks post treatment).

Eyelash Extensions

Classic/Single lash extensions - $70

Hybrid lash extensions (half classic/half volume) - $80

Volume Extensions (3D to 4D) - $100

Volume Extensions (5D to 6D) - $120

Infill for Hybrid lash extensions - $60 

Infill for Volume lash extensions (3D/4D) - $70 

Infill for Volume lash extensions (5D/6D) - $80 

* I accept infills up to 4 weeks, anything more than that is a full set
* I do not infill other technician's work
* Please note: You can get an infill at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc, but it will be charged at the standard infill price

Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner Lash line (top & bottom) - $300

Eyeliner Lash line (top only) - $200

Eyeliner Lash line (bottom only) - $150

* All Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo include 1 follow up session (must be done within 4 to 8 weeks post treatment).


Gel Polish manicure or Kiary Sky Dipping System - $40
Full Set Kiara Sky Dipping System (with extensions) - $60
Full Set Hard Gel nails (with gel polish) - $60

* All above prices have no design - just plain colour
* No infills for Gel Nails and Nail Dipping System - I soak off old gel nails and start fresh 

Korean/Japanese Nail Art prices:
Please see my Instagram for designs and prices. Starts from $60.


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