Quick Dry Professional Eyelash Extension Glue


Quick Dry Professional Glue

The Quick Dry Professional Glue is one of the quickest drying glues on the market with very long retention. Produced by a company that manufactures for some really big names in the industry. These other companies sell this glue for upwards of $70 USD! Here you can get it for $23 AUD! 

This adhesive dries very quickly. It has a cure time of 0.5-1 second. The retention is also second to none and you will see your customers coming back for infills with so many extensions still on their natural lashes, which means less working time for you! The retention can last up to 8 weeks! You also don't need much glue to work with, a small amount will go a very long way!

Here are the specifications of this lash adhesive:

  • Consistency: Thin viscosity
  • Shelf life: 4 months once opened for best adhesion
  • Works in both cold and humid conditions
  • Suitable for: 1:1 & volume application
  • Speed: 0.5 - 1 second
  • Durability: Up to 8 weeks! Sometimes more.
  • Lash extensions will not brush off when brushing while working. 
  • Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place.  Do not store in the fridge. 
  • Recommended prep: Lash cleanse and rinse, primer or saline before application of lash extensions
  • Ingredients: Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl methacrylate, Methyl methacrylate cross polymer, Carbon black. 
  • May not be suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • Low fumes, therefore less irriation to eyes.
  • 5 ml bottle - a little amount goes a long way and this bottle will last for many clients.

A few tips about this lash adhesive; 

  • The bottle tip needs to be pierced with a sharp needle or sharp object of some sort which is not included with the glue. I personally use the tip of a very sharp tweezer to make a hole in the tip before use. Do not shake the bottle before you do this, otherwise some glue might spurt out.
  • The consistency of this glue is thin and very easy to use. 
  • You only need to use the smallest amount of adhesive at a time and it goes a long way. 
  • The glue grabs instantaneously, and cures almost instantaneously. Therefore, it suits lash technicians who can speed lash or work quickly.
  • I work from eye to eye to prevent stickies, but if your method is one eye only, go from section to section as the glue is very strong and it will be difficult to separate if the extensions stick together.
  • This glue works in cold and humid temperatures. I have used it in the middle of winter (10-15 degrees celcius) to the middle of summer (up to 38 degrees celcius) with humidity levels of 75-80%. Temperatures of 20-25 degrees celcius is the most ideal condition for this glue to work the best, but I cannot stress enough that it works well in winter and summer too! It's a dream come true!
  • This adhesive should not be used on clients who are intolerant to cyanoacrylate, however from my experience with this adhesive can still be used on clients with sensitive eyes. The irritation from my experience is minimal. Try to use the smallest amount of adhesive when dipping the extension into the glue so that it will prevent any sensitivities and reactions for the client.
  • MSDS is available upon request.
  • Minimal packaging for glue to reduce landfill waste.
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